Currently in LA, together with #BalticMusketeers - 🇪🇪@markomihkelson & 🇱🇹@ZygisPavilionis, hosted by our great friends from @BalticFreedom, to meet & discuss the threats posed by Russia & in to urge aid & massive support to Ukraine.


Rewarding day w/ World Affairs Council in Norfolk, VA dedicated to present Lithuania’s experience in #NATO & to discuss current security challenges, the ways to enhance Alliance’s deterrence & defense
Along with/
@NATO_SACT @mmagierowski @DanAndreiMuraru @richardmaass



I need some advice.

What can Ukraine/Ukrainians say and do to convince the US to vote for the aid package? What can I personally do to convince Congress and Congressmen to vote for it?

What strategies can be employed to make sure the vote goes well?

I know there are…

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