We are all proud Americans. Many of us are also Americans who trace their heritage to Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. We applaud the tremendous strides that these three countries have made since restoring their independence. They are active contributing members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, providing invaluable support for NATO operations including in the aftermath of September 11, 200. They are active leaders on the world stage. They contribute well beyond the 2% of GDP minimum on defense spending in NATO and are among the top five contributors to Ukraine per GDP.

The story of their courageous peaceful struggle to regain their independence inspired the world.

They inspire us and we hope that you will join us in showing our support by getting involved with BAFL.

The Baltic American Freedom League (BAFL) has accomplished much since its founding in 1981 by a group of Baltic American political activists as a national organization to support the governments and peoples of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

It accomplishes its education and advocacy through:

  • Educational seminars and symposiums
  • Grassroots outreach and efforts
  • Direct engagement of our members of Congress through phone calls, e-mails, letter writing campaigns, calls-to-actions, and resolutions
  • Meetings with our senators and representatives in Washington, DC

These important and timely educational and advocacy efforts are the conduits by which BAFL has helped to secure and maintain freedom for our Baltic Countries.

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The lifeblood of the Baltic American Freedom League is its members. Members not only provide financial support, but communicate issues that are important to the Baltic countries so that BAFL can act on them. The membership of the Baltic American Freedom League consists of individual members and organizations.
All persons, firms, corporations, congregations or associations may become active voting members in the organization by paying a one time membership fee to the organization.

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A bequest is the act of giving or leaving personal property by a will.

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Come join our growing network of volunteers. We have great opportunities for anyone who would like to serve at US-Baltic events.

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