Estonian American Business Alliance

Dear Friends and Fellow Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians,

Please join us for a great event on Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Baltic American Freedom League’s 37th Annual Awards Banquet!

At the:
Latvian Community Center
1955 Riverside Drive
Los Angeles, California

At 6:00 PM

Our keynote speaker will be:

Dainis Butners

Mr. Butners is a graduate of West Point Military Academy (2009) and a recent graduate of Georgetown University (2018), where he received an MBA degree and a Master of Science in Foreign Service.

In January he presented a well received lecture in Washington, D.C. regarding an “Analysis of the Security Situation in the Baltic Region”. This summer he is moving to Germany to work as consultant with the U.S. and NATO forces in Europe. He has worked in Latvia with their military forces and is familiar with the Baltic defense system.

Our artistic program will feature:

The Latvian Men’s Choir

which will present a selection of songs.

Tickets: $60.00 per person/ full time students: $30.00 per person

For Reservations and Seating Arrangements Call:

  • Hendrik Leesment:(562) 370-8146 or (657) 255-4003
  • Ivars Miculus: (818) 585-5748 – (818) 842-3639
  • Angele Nelsas: (714) 526-3648

Mail your check to: BAFL – PO 65056, L.A., CA 90065

You can make a donation at: via Paypal