Resolution Calling On Estonia, Latvia, And Lithuania To Conclude A Baltic States Alliance That Would Form The Third Leg Of The Baltic Security And Stability Triad, Along With The North Atlantic Treaty Organization And The European Union, In The Face Of An Economically And Militarily Resurgent And Belligerent Russia

WHEREAS the invasion and occupation of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania by the Soviet Union in June 1940 precipitated the widely held view that, had the Baltic states reined in their leaders, agreed on Read The Full Story →

Resolution Commemorating The 30th Anniversary Of The Baltic American Freedom League And Its Many Significant Accomplishments That Helped Regain And Maintain The Freedom And Independence Of The Baltic Countries Of Estonia, Latvia, And Lithuania From The Soviet Union; And, Resolving To Continue To Help Uphold And Defend The Freedom And Independence Of The Baltic States

WHEREAS the Baltic American Freedom League (BAFL) was founded in February 1981 by Baltic American activists to unite the Baltic community in the United States, helping to raise American consciousness Read The Full Story →