Resolution Calling On Estonia, Latvia, And Lithuania To Conclude A Baltic States Alliance That Would Form The Third Leg Of The Baltic Security And Stability Triad, Along With The North Atlantic Treaty Organization And The European Union, In The Face Of An Economically And Militarily Resurgent And Belligerent Russia

WHEREAS the invasion and occupation of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania by the Soviet Union in June 1940 precipitated the widely held view that, had the Baltic states reined in their leaders, agreed on a common foreign policy, military cooperation, and organized joint resistance against the Soviet threats, the outcome would have been much more favorable to the Baltic countries;

WHEREAS the late Dr. Edgars Andersons, internationally recognized prolific Latvian author and professor of military and diplomatic history at San Jose State University (U.S.A.) and guest lecturer around the world, said that the Baltic states’ governments always relied on imagined allies, not attempting to stand on their own feet and seriously join hands with their neighbors;

WHEREAS in a manifestation of unity on August 23, 1989, the 50th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, two million Balts did join hands in a human chain–the Baltic Way–stretching from Tallinn to Riga to Vilinus to express their desire to be free of the yoke of Soviet occupation;

WHEREAS the Baltic American Freedom League itself has exemplified cooperation and unity among its board members from the Estonian American, Latvian American, and Lithuanian American communities, resulting in significant accomplishments during almost 30 years of its existence, since June 1981, that helped regain and maintain Baltic freedom and independence;

WHEREAS perception is often reality for friend and foe alike , Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania–with a total population of 7.5 million and a combined land area larger than Greece–by forming a Baltic States Alliance would be an entity to be reckoned with, one that would enhance the security and stability of NATO as well, and, in turn, would also benefit the United States;

WHEREAS Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have cooperated in areas of common interest since regaining their independence, divergence in other important matters has resulted in separate discussions and agreements with Russia–leading to a perception of disunity among the Baltic countries that can and has been exploited in Russia’s drive to expand its sphere of influence;

WHEREAS Russia has unambiguously and repeatedly threatened the Baltic countries and continuously tries to interfere in the internal affairs and in the foreign policies of the Baltic states;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Baltic American Freedom League at its Annual Membership Meeting on February 6, 2010, assembled, to call on Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to conclude a Baltic States Alliance, encompassing foreign policy, armed forces, rights of Russian-speakers, legal systems, economic concerns, and achieving political solidarity to avoid repeating past mistakes and stand united in the face of an economically and militarily resurgent and belligerent Russia.

Adopted by the Baltic American Freedom League on February 6, 2010, Los Angeles, California