Zatlers greeted with cheers and jeers

RIGA, May 31 (LETA) – After exiting the Saeima building today, new President Valdis Zatlers heard both cheers as well as jeers from the crowd gathered outside.

Supporters of Aivars Endzins, Zatlers’ opponent in the presidential elections, started shouting, “Envelope! Envelope!” – referring to money that Zatlers has accepted from his patients “under the table”, and “Thieves! Thieves!”, in fact making it impossible for Zatlers to say anything.

Whereas Zatlers’ supporters gave him an loud ovation. Zatlers stopped by to thank his supporters, while Endzins’ supporters kept chanting, “We Want Endzins!”

Right after the election, Zatlers gave a press conference, after which only the most devoted supporters of Endzins still remained at the Saeima building, shouting “Traitor!”, as soon as any member of the ruling coalition exited the building.

Two youths had enough time to draw a new placard depicting two white envelopes stating: “Respect Yourself, Step Down!”, “Zatler, The Nation Hates You!”, “Have You No Shame?”, “Zatler, You Are Not Wanted!”.

As reported, 58 Saeima members voted for Zatlers today, 39 voted for Endzins, one voted against both candidates.

Zatlers is the third president since Latvia regained independence in 1991.