US, UK Forces To Launch Fresh War Games In Baltics

Courtesy The Baltic Times
September 26, 2014

Over two thousand NATO troops will launch some of the biggest military exercises in the Baltics later this week.

UK and US forces will combine with troops from Latvian, Estonia and Greece to take part in the exercises in Latvia on September 29-October 6.

The war games come after NATO said it would increase its presence in eastern Europe earlier this month amid the Ukraine crisis.

Latvian Land Force Infantry Brigade Commander Colonel Martinš Liberts said: “The existing geopolitical situation has made significant changes in planning and procedures of military exercises. Many countries want to participate in our exercise to express solidarity and unity with Latvians, and demonstrate their involvement in assurance measures in the region.”

The exercises will involve top level equipment including a CV90″from Norway, U.S. helicopters Apache, Black Hawk and Chinook, Estonian armored vehicles SISU and others.