Timeline of Events in the Russians Invasion & Occupation of Georgia

As of 15:00, August 20, 2008
The information below is accurate to the best of our knowledge,
but is subject to verification.


16:00 Russians entered village Chogha of Chkhorotsku district with armored vehicles. They are digging the trenches currently.

15:30 Russians are making checkpoint in the entrance of Poti.

14:00 Houses in village Dzevera in Gori district are burning. Besides, the Boshuri forest is also burning and the villages Bisi and Bobnevi are under danger.


14:50 Russian troops started movement from Gomi in Sachkhere direction. Local population blocked the road.

13:50 Russians troops where observed half an hour ago leading 6 blindfolded Georgian POWs and six US owned Hummers to the military base in Senaki from Poti. Hummers belonging to American military participated in US-Georgian military exercise “Immediate Response 2008” held in Georgia on 15th-31st of July 2008.

12:30 On the railroad in Gomi, 100 kms from Tbilisi, Russians have loaded blocks of concrete on rails, thus creating another obstacle for re-launch of West-East traffic.

09:00 According today’s Russian media, Government of Russia closed borders with Azerbaijan and Georgia for foreigners, except CIS citizens. Decree from 12th of August ?592, was signed by Prime Minister Putin.

01:00 20 Georgian police entered Poti for protection of the commercial port. At 08:30 Russian militaries entered the port, disarmed Georgian soldiers and captured them.