Timeline of Events in the Russians Invasion & Occupation of Georgia As of 12:00

Service of the Government of Serbia

The information below is accurate to the best of our knowledge,
but is subject to verification.


10:40 – Upper House of the Russian Parliament – Council of the Federation recommends President Medvedev to recognize independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.


Ossetian militants establish at least two new check-points near Akhalgori. Local residents are being offered Russian passports, while local administration is called to work for the Ossetian separatists.

11:30 Georgian police release AP journalists detained by Russian soldiers
• An AP TV crew operating near Poti was arrested this morning by the Russian army because they did not have Russian media accreditation. They were taken to the Georgian police station in Poti and released there.

11:10 Landmine blast. One killed, one wounded.
• Nana Matrasidze has been killed as a result of a landmine explosion at the northern entrance to Gori.
• Mikheil Kaidarashvili has been wounded as a result of a landmine explosion in village tirdznisi

11:00 US Navy destroyer McFaul enters Batumi port.

10:30 Train carrying petroleum explodes on the railroad west of Gori.
• A train carrying 34 tanks of crude oil exploded at about 10:30 near the village of Skra, 7 km west of Gori, when moving from Azerbaijan to Batumi. 13 tanks are burning. The cause is suspected to be a Russian mine: Skra had been under full Russian control until the Russian pull-out of Gori. No casualties reported.