The President of the Republic Sends a Letter to the President of the United States of America

President Arnold Rüütel today sent a letter to the President of the United States of America George W. Bush, recalling that on July 23 would pass 65 years since the day when the US Acting Secretary of State Sumner Wells made a statement in which he announced to the whole world that the United States of America refuse to recognise the illegal and forcible annexation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by the Soviet Union. In the words of President Rüütel that was a statement that said to the world that might does not make right and that the United States would stand for what is right.

The President of the Republic thanked the United States for the support given to us during Estonia’s battle to regain its independence during the period of occupation.

President Route considered it important that being a NATO member state the Estonian defence forces are serving alongside with those of the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other places in the world where democracy is in danger or where it is appropriate to share the burdens of peacekeeping responsibilities.

The Head of Estonian state noted with regret that the world had not become securer. “We have to continue relentless fight against terrorism, the latest manifestations of which were recent bomb explosions in London. It is clear that in order to prevent such acts we have to apply efficient measures and the criminals have to get their punishment. But I am also convinced that the germs of terrorism do not originate only from desire for revenge of some groups or from lack of democracy; they have a very complicated background. Alongside with implementing security measures we all together have to delve also into the causes of terrorism and cut through the roots of evil,” President Rüütel stressed.

Public Relations Unit of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, July 22, 2005