The Baltic American Freedom League Annual Meeting and Retreat

The Baltic American Freedom League (BAFL) held its Annual Meeting and Retreat in Laguna Beach, California on Saturday, March 12, 2011. At the meeting all sitting BAFL Board members were reelected to the Board of Directors. Three new BAFL members were elected to the Board of Directors. We are happy to welcome Feliksa Barran, Daiva Cekanauskas-Navarrette, and Kestutis Reivydas to the Board. All three are from the Lithuanian American community. Feliksa is a former manager for Farmers Insurance Group, but is now retired. Daiva is the Lithuanian Honorary Consul for California. Kestutis is president of M&R Americana Insurance. All BAFL Executive Board members were voted back into their positions with the exception of Vija A. Turjanis, who declined to be nominated for another term as President. The Board thanked her for her years of service as President and Co-President. Imants Leitis was subsequently elected as BAFL President. Imants has been a Board member and editor of the Baltic Bulletin since 2005.
The new BAFL Board of Directors consists of President Imants Leitis and Executive Vice President Angela Nelsas, Vice Presidents: Maryte Sepikas, Dr. Hendrik Leesment, and Ivars Miculs, and Secretary Alnis Briedis. Heino Nurmberg remains at his long time position as Treasurer. The rest of the Board of Directors is comprised of Aivars Jerumanis, Teodors Liiensteins, Valdis Pavlovskis, Karl Alsens, Francis Dizgalvis, Daiva Cekanauskas-Navarrette, Fekisa Barran, Vija A. Turjanis, and Kestutis Reivydas. Imants Leitis will also continue as Editor of the Baltic Bulletin.
In addition to reviewing the accomplishments of 2010 the board also discussed current Baltic issues. The Board reiterated its willingness to work with the U.S.-Baltic Foundation and other Baltic American organizations on issues that fall within the focus of BAFL. Two resolutions were adopted pending minor changes in wording. Ted Liliensteins submitted a resolution commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Baltic American Freedom League. Imants Leitis submitted a resolution calling for NATO to institute new guidelines on weapons systems sales to non-NATO countries.