Termination of Mistral Contract


Dear Friends,


The Mistral warship deal between France and Russia is scrapped– RUSSIA WILL NOT RECEIVE THE SHIPS!

France has surrendered to the pressure and the influence of the United States and Europe–it has decided to terminate the contract and delivery of the Mistral state-of-the-art helicopter assault carriers to Moscow.

The office of French President Francois Hollande announced on August 6, 2015 that the Russian President and the French President have made a joint decision to terminate the contract and delivery of Mistral warships. A statement from the Russian president’s press office said: “Moscow considers the Mistral issue completely resolved.”

The Baltic countries, Ukraine and all of Russia’s coastal neighbors can now breathe easier, a major threat to their sovereignty has been removed.

As you might recall, the 180 meter long Mistral ships are capable of carrying 16 helicopters, four landing crafts, 60 armored combat vehicles, 13 heavy tanks and as many as 700 soldiers. All the equipment and troops could be deployed ashore or inland in less than an hour. Furthermore, these carriers do not sail alone, they are accompanied by a number of support ships such as destroyers, anti-aircraft rocket ships and troop carrier amphibious landing ships.

Russian aircraft and ships continuously violate Baltic territory, the carrier task force would have done the same. You would never know whether they are just snap maneuvering or planning to land troops.

Russia will be “fully reimbursed” for the two undelivered ships. Hollande’s office reported that any Russian equipment installed on the ships will be removed and returned to Russia, the statement said.
Russian media reported that France reimbursed Russia $1.27 billion for the canceled deal. Russia has confirmed that it has received payment and considers the situation resolved and the matter settled.

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING BAFL’S ALMOST FIVE YEAR LONG CAMPAIGN TO KEEP THE WARSHIPS OUT OF RUSSIAN HANDS. We started the campaign way before the contract was signed in 2011, and we were among the first to ask that the contract be canceled because of Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

BAFL was one of the first to ask that the United States or NATO purchase the warships. Now we have another chance to renew our request to have the United States or NATO buy the two ships–one to patrol the Baltic Sea and the other to patrol the Black Sea.

According to the French Minister of Defense Le-Drian, a number of countries have made known their “interest to purchase the warships”. According to European media, the potential customers include Turkey, Canada, India, Australia, Singapore and China. We should see to it that NATO and the United States are added to the list.

Thank you again for your support.


Valdis V. Pavlovskis