Ten NATO Allies To Back Baltic States

Courtesy The Lithuania Tribune
April 25, 2014
Ten countries have suggested strengthening the airspace above the Baltic States, the Estonian Ministry of Defense has reported.

According to representatives of the Estonia’s Defense Ministry Artur Jugaste, the United States, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Canada and Turkey have informed about their preparation to send the additional forces to the Baltic States. Jugaste has highlighted that the list of these countries can be expanded.

Moreover, the representative of the Estonia’s Defense Ministry has informed that the above-mentioned countries suggest various services, for example, to send the additional fighter aircrafts, fuel tankers and AWACS planes.

“Every country’s contribution will be applied,” said Jugaste. “The soldiers of these countries will be performing their tasks from Lithuania’s Siauliai Air Base and Poland’s Malbork Air Base as well as from Estonia’s Amari Air Base.”

Jugatse has highlighted that the determination of so many countries to strengthen the air-defense of the Baltic States gives the evidence about their loyalty to NATO’s collective defense and about the serious our allies’ attitude towards the regional security.

“Everything is included in the package of the retention measures which was adopted by the North Atlantic Council last week in order to strengthen the security in the Baltic Sea Region,” emphasized Jugaste.

Translated by Audra Seputyte