Support the Garezers’ Youth Initiative to Contact NBC Regarding London Olympics

Your Support Needed to Stop NBC’s Tradition of Omitting the Baltic Delegation March from the Olympic Game Opening Ceremony Coverage.

The students and staff of Garezers Latvian Summer High School have announced a campaign to pressure NBC to change its long-standing policy of ignoring the teams from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania during Olympic opening ceremonies.

Many Baltic-Americans remember the opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Games and how sad and frustrated we were. NBC chose to ignore the Baltic States just one short year after regaining independence after over fifty years of Soviet occupation. Coverage in following years was equally discouraging.

Therefore, the Garezers Summer High School community is encouraging Balts and their friends in the United States, Canada and throughout the world to contact the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and request complete opening ceremony coverage during the procession of national teams.

The Baltic American Freedom League supports the students’ campaign and urges YOU to participate in it.

(See the BAFL Action Updates section of this website for contact numbers and sample letters)