Statement by the Presidents of Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and the Prime Minister of Latvia on the further conflict resolution in Georgia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 13, 2008

We have visited Georgia to express our full support to its democratically elected President and the legitimate Government of Georgia.
Recognising the efforts made by EU Presidency and the international community, we underline:

1. The need for an immediate ceasefire, end the aggression and further occupation of sovereign democratic Georgia;
2. Our full support for the territorial integrity of Georgia within internationally recognised borders;
3. The need to withdraw of occupation military troops from Georgia and to establish an international peace corps supervised by the European Union;
4. The only option to prevent similar acts of aggression and occupation against Georgia in the future is to give NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP).
5. An establishment of humanitarian corridors is urgent as well as international efforts aimed in humanitarian aid to civilian victims of Russian aggression;
6. We feel that in the documents presented last night – either in Moscow and in Tbilisi – the principal element – the respect of territorial integrity of Georgia — is missing.