Six Zatlers’ Party MPs Exit Party

By Alla Petrova (October 17, 2011)

Six Zatlers Reform Party’s elected members of parliament announced on October 16 in a statement that they are dropping out of the party “taking into account the undemocratic decision-making and mutual mistrust” within the party.

Exiting are Klavs Olsteins, Elina Silina, Gunars Rusins, Janis Upenieks, Viktors Valainis and Janis Junkurs, in turn announcing that they will establish an independent deputy group, informs LETA.

The six add in their statement that they will support the Dombrovskis government.

The current split in [ruling coaltion partner] Zatlers Reform Party (ZRP) sends a serious signal that raises concern about the party’s future, said the Unity party chairman Solvita Aboltina.

Aboltina expressed concern whether ZRP in the future will be able to secure a majority in Saeima.

She was quick to add her relief that the six MPs leaving the party intend to support Unity’s Dombrovskis as prime minister.

Aboltina pointed out that now talks will have to be held with ZRP and the six separately to assess the situation and the future. portal reports that the reason behind the sudden exit of six Zatlers Reform Party MPs from the party are economic interest groups, disgruntled with how spheres of influence and offices have been set in the new government.

Just a few hours after droping out of ZRP, the “rebels” have made a serious demand – their support for the new Dombrovskis government in Saeima in exchange for two minister posts – interior and transport, “” has learned.

Talks are under way at this hour between Dombrovskis’ Unity party, ZRP and the “rebels”.

The six elected MPs from the Zatlers Reform Party (ZRP), who dropped out of the party today, have no designs on any Cabinet office in exchange for their support for the next government.

This reaction to the reports about a deal comes from the apparent leader of the separatist group, Klavs Olsteins.

He informed LETA that the six met with PM Dombrovskis today to explain their move and to express support for his new government.

The six intend to form an independent deputy group in Saeima.