Savisaar: together the Baltic States will be stronger

The Baltic Course
Juhan Tere
August 7, 2008

The time has come to restore Baltic economic space since together the Baltic States would be stronger, the chairman of the Centre Party and Tallinn mayor Edgar Savisaar was cited by Päevaleht Online.

Edgar Savisaar.
In order to succeed in the world market and to handle global economic forces, it’s important for Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to cooperate, Savisaar noted.

According to him, considering current developments, it can be seen that all of the Baltic States have been hit at the same time by similar problems, whereas local business news sources report things in a manner of “tripping” each other, for instance, writing about Latvia that gained a transit advantage from Russia after the Bronze Night or attracting tourists to Riga with the cheaper liquor policy or anything of that kind, BBN informed.

The Tallinn mayor emphasized that economic cooperation between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is especially important at this time: “When we work together, the chances of turning the Baltics into a high-tech and knowledge-based economic area are much higher. Collaborating, economic cooling could be overcome easier, rather than everyone standing for themselves.”