Russia’s Baltic Fleet “Combat-ready”

Kaliningrad, 15 April: The units of the Baltic Fleet are combat-ready, and “the fleet is ready to fulfil the tasks it is assigned”. This was
the conclusion of a commission from the Russian navy’s Main Staff, which has completed its inspection of the fleet’s combat readiness, Anatoliy Lobskiy, aide to the commander of the Baltic Fleet, told ITAR-TASS today.

He said it was noted at the final meeting in the headquarters of the Baltic Fleet that 83 per cent of its ships are part of the forces on permanent readiness, which is a high proportion.

Over a week, the Main Staff’s representatives headed by Adm Mikhail Zakharov, who is deputy commander-in-chief of the navy, inspected a number of the fleet’s units and observed ships as they carried out combat training tasks and firing practice at sea.

By the end of April, roadstead exercises of ships will be held, as well as exercises to practise the landing of a seaborne assault force on an unprepared coast.

Source: ITAR-TASS news agency, Moscow, in Russian 0815 gmt 15 Apr 05