By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 22, 2008

What’s the latest? Is Russia finally pulling out of Georgia with all the pressure from the West and the U.N. against their aggressive attack? Get ready for more media and Russian manipulation. According to Fox, President Dmitry Medvedev promised to pull his forces out by Friday. If that is so, why are armored personnel carriers and troop trucks blocking the bridge to the Black Sea port city of Poti? Maybe I’m a dumb head but is setting up mortars, troop trucks and troops on the main entry way to this significant port city, pulling out or digging in for a take over battle?

Looking at the KGB background and pattern of Putin and apparently Medvedev, I predict there will be no real pull out of Russian troops from Georgia, only a manipulated stall while trying to gain more ground toward rebuilding their empire and shaming the west. Don’t forget that Putin earlier this year said the worst tragedy ever for Russia was the dismantling of the Soviet Union. Where’s a therapist when you need one?

So many look at the aggression finally put forth on South Ossetia by the Georgian military. Much of the manipulated media states that the poor Ossetian Russians are being persecuted and targeted in an evil and dominating way by the Georgian Government. Thus Russia had to attack to ‘save’ the poor Ossetians being targeted unfairly.

The only problem with the above assumption is that it is not true. In my investigation talking with top military analysts and reviewing real history there was every reason for Georgia to respond to S. Ossetian Russians in a military manner. Not that they were perfect in their response but they did have the right! Putin has been smiling with glea that the Russian implants in that province have asserted that they wanted to break away to Mother Russia. For 10 years now Russia has been feeding the unrest, growing it and praying that the Russians living there, with the help of Russian plants would break enough laws, cause enough treason and unrest, complain enough that Georgia would have to respond to the ‘victims’, thus the rescue of Mother Russia.

According to Sean Osborn a military analyst and associate director of and a former USAF intel source, Georgia had every reason to attack. Both Georgia and the Ukraine has been working hard to gain entry into NATO and Russia certainly doesn’t want more alliance with the West and control of the oil port. If Russia were to succeed in conquering Georgia, they will control all of the oil outlets from the Caspian Sea, for sale in Europe and beyond. This crisis has the potential to blow into the next world war.

Putin has calculated partly right that the world would assume unfair treatment by Georgia and the Russian war against Georgia was only started to rescue the poor victims. Does anyone recognize this scenario with Hitler in WW 11? Country after country was attacked at the outset of the war, Poland, Czechoslovakia, on and on due to the manipulated and twisted media rhetoric of Hitler that Germans were being overrun, threatened, jobs stolen, sovereignty challenged and national security attacked. Hitler had to attack didn’t he? Those Jews were initially thought of by many as the overbearing, national security threat and problem. Hitler had to rescue…..and expand. Russia has to rescue……and expand.

Putin wasn’t a KGB agent for nothing and he has certainly learned from his hero, Hitler. Call it a rescue but it is really a siege to start building back the Russian empire and shame the west! Look at Putin and Russia’s behavior the last several years. Fund and make friends with all the dangerous enemies of the west, Iran and Syria, while giving 2 billion in arms to Hugo Chavez. Billions are flying like magnets to all the dangerous enemies of the U.S. and world from Russia. Major arms and nuclear ambitions are also funded and encouraged by Russia. Oh, but lets just focus on the poor little victims in S. Ossetia and ignore what Putin and Russia is up to.
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