Russia intends to propose a resolution against Estonia and Latvia to UN

TALLINN, September 19 (LETA) – Russia intends to propose for the UN General Assembly’s 63rd session to adopt a resolution which would “condemn glorification of Nazism in Latvia and in Estonia and would prohibit such activities”, writes the National Broadcasting, citing RIA Novosti.
Andrei Nesterenko, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that the draft resolution “Of unacceptable nature of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related hatred-inducing activities” is one of three documents that Russia plans to present at the session.
Nesterenko stated that this draft resolution is directly linked to processes that are present in Estonia and in Latvia where “the course of glorification of Nazism and justification of this ideology is carried out on the State level” is allegedly being carried out.
“The unwillingness of the countries of the European Union to condemn attempts to justify Nazism is surprising us and is a source of grave concern and we have informed the international institutions repeatedly of this matter,” said Nesterenko.
He noted that this stance in the European Union became apparent in the year 2007 when the bronze soldier monument was removed in Tallinn.
Press spokesperson of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the substance of concrete draft resolutions can be assessed once the resolution has been proposed to the UN GA session.