Representative Brad Sherman Joins the House Baltic Caucus

Brad Sherman, Ranking Member of the House International Relations Committee Subcommittee on Europe, joined the bipartisan House Baltic Caucus. The Caucus is a group interested in fostering good relations between the US and the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and assisting the Baltic countries to develop as democratic, free market nations. Mr. Sherman represents the Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills and Van Nuys area in Southern California. Besides serving on the HIRC, he also serves on the Financial Services Committee.

Sixteen members of the 76 member Caucus represent California, the largest membership of any state. Representatives John Shimkus (D-IL) and Dennis Kucinich (R-OH) are Cochairman of the bipartisan group. Any congressperson interested in joining the Baltic Caucus should contact the office of Representatives Shimkus or Kucinich. Joining the Baltic Caucus does not commit the member to any policy, program or legislation. Each issue is decided on its own merits, notes BAFL President Valdis Pavlovskis.