Protestors poured red liquid on Latvian ambassador in Russia

The Baltic Course
June 25, 2008

Today, Latvian Ambassador in Russia Andris Teikmanis was assaulted at a press conference in Moscow, where National Bolsheviks poured red liquid on him, in a protest against legal action against the former leader of Latvia’s National Bolshevik Party Vladimirs Lindermans in Latvia.

Teikmanis had arrived at the RIA Novosti press center to participate in a press conference on relations between Latvia and Russia.

The moment Teikmanis sat down in a chair, two young people – a man and a woman – threw plastic bags filled with red liquid at the Latvian ambassador. The two shouted “Freedom for Vladimir Abel!”, “Hands off Russian schools!”, “Your hands are covered in blood!”, and scattered leaflets.

In their website, the National Bolsheviks declare that the red liquid splashed on Teikmanis was blood.

Police arrested the protestors on the spot. Both of them confirmed that they represent the banned National Bolshevik Party.