President underlines the importance of EU-US solidarity in dealing with strategic challenges faced by the Euro-Atlantic community

Press Service
Office of the President Republic of Lithuania
January 16, 2009

Friday, January 16, Vilnius – President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus joined foreign policy makers and strategists of the Euro-Atlantic community for lunch in Trakai. The informal meeting convened in Trakai to discuss key strategic issues to be responded to by the Euro-Atlantic community this year was attended by over 30 high-level politicians, political scientists, diplomats and analysts from the Check Republic, Estonia, Great Britain, USA, Latvia, Poland, France, Germany, and other states.

The President underlined in the meeting that the new challenges faced by the Euro-Atlantic community today cannot be adequately solved by any state alone.

“Energy security concerns and Russia’s actions in the energy field, tension in the EU-Russia relations, aggression against Georgia, global financial crisis, all this requires deeper understanding and confidence inside the European Union but also higher effort and closer cooperation between Europe and the United States,” the President said.

Lithuania’s President also pointed out that only through open discussions and close cooperation Europe and the United States will be able to find answers and respond efficiently to the challenges of the day.

“Solidarity within the Euro-Atlantic community is key to higher energy security in the European Union, full-fledged relations with Russia, consolidation of reform achievements in the EU Eastern neighborhood and bringing these countries closer to the EU,” President Adamkus said.