Poland Initiates Eastern Bloc within the EU

Standdart News
March 3, 2009

Poland has initiated the Eastern Bloc comprising nine countries, Bulgaria included. ?These countries are disappointed with the lack of real aid from the EU, the selfishness of the leading countries and protectionist measures that may further complicate the grave financial and economic problems, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Russia.)

The nine countries held a mini forum right before the working lunch during the extraordinary EU summit of the 27 Union leaders in Brussels. The meeting was convened on the initiative and under the chairmanship of Poland. Among the participants were Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria. The Czech Republic was granted observer status. According to the ?Nezavisimaya Gazeta,? the rationale for this new format is the fact that within the EU these countries cannot hope for real solidarity. Another issue that unites them is the decision of the EU to blockade the entrance of Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria to the Eurozone, which means withdrawing help to their national economies, writes the newspaper as quoted by the Focus agency.