Outsourcing lingerie

The Baltic Times
In cooperation with BNS
April 14, 2008

LIEPAJA- – Latvia’s Lauma Lingerie textile producer has decided to move majority of its production abroad, leaving 100 employees without jobs in the south-western city of Liepaja.

Chairwoman Linda Matisone told BNS that Lauma Lingerie plans to optimize production capacities in Liepaja due to the rapid rise of production expenses — electricity, gas, heating, water supply, rent and wages.

In 2006 the company opened factories in Belarus and Ukraine and already many items were made in Asia. About 40% of items were made abroad.

The company exports to more than 15 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the UK, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia.

The company’s sales in 2007 amounted to about 8.6 million lats (EUR 12.2 mln).

Part of the current plant will still remain in Liepaja — tailoring, cutting and experimental departments as well as production development, design, sales, marketing departments, storehouses, supplies and accountancy departments.