“No free press, no free people”, President Adamkus says having viewed the Newseum

Press Service
Office of the President’
The Republic of Lithuania
September 30, 2008

Washington – Concluding his working visit to the United States of America, President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus visited the Newseum, a museum of news and journalism.

Lithuania’s President noted that our country was duly represented in this exposition of the free press. The “Today’s Front Pages” gallery offering to its visitors an exhibition of the front pages of over five hundred newspapers from all over the world has the latest copies of Lithuanian “Lietuvos rytas”, “Verslo þinios” and “Kauno diena”.

“This impressive and breath-taking exposition makes us go through the past events and recall our history,” said President Adamkus having viewed the museum.
“No free press, no free people. That’s what the headlines on the front pages of the exhibited newspapers of the world try to tell us,” President of Lithuania underlined.

In the diplomatic meeting in the Museum, Lithuania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Petras Vaitiekûnas presented to the Newseum’s Senior Vice President Chris Wells the first copies of “Sàjûdis”, the bulletin of Lithuania’s National Movement.

The news museum opened this year is already called one of the most modern museums in the world. The seven storeys of the museum feature various exhibitions, cinemas, TV studios, interactive modules, offering its visitors an opportunity to experience what the journalist profession is and understand how news are made and what way they go before they reach the audience.

The President comes back to Vilnius later today.