The Baltic American Freedom League, Inc. (BAFL) was founded in Los Angeles in 1981 by a group of Baltic American political activists as a national organization to support the Baltic peoples’ struggle to regain their freedom and independence from Soviet occupation. BAFL initiated a broad based program to inform the American government and people of human and civil rights violations; religious persecutions; cultural genocide; and ethnic discrimination carried on by the Soviet government in the three Soviet occupied Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Today, the Baltic American Freedom League’s programs are designed to assist the continued development of democracy and market economies in the Baltic countries, to assure the continued security of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from outside aggression, to increase awareness of Baltic history and culture and to promote strong, friendly and effective bilateral relations and policies between the United States and the Baltic countries.

The League carries out its activities through public discussions, a speakers’ bureau, press interviews, dissemination of information to the public, press and government about Baltic American concerns, seminars, meetings with government and elected officials and educational campaigns aimed at academic and political institutions. An Annual Awards Banquet is held which brings together many of our supporters and with which we recognize those individuals who have helped further the cause of Baltic freedom and independence.

In order to assure the continued, meaningful implementation of America’s support for the security and independence of the Baltic countries, the Baltic American Freedom League educates and informs Congressional and Administration members on Baltic issues and concerns. We help serve as the “eyes and ears” of the Baltic countries, informing Congressional members of political and economic issues.

This will be accomplished through various means including:

  • Publication of the Baltic Bulletin.
  • Publication of the Baltic Caucus Update.
  • Meetings with congressional staff, congresspersons, administrative and government officials in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.
  • Communications with congressional staff, congresspersons, administrative, and government officials by letter, fax, phone and email.


Historians of the 21st century will chronicle many a tragedy for mankind which took place during the last century’s world wars: the rise of Communist and Nazi totalitarianism, genocide, military occupation, mass deportations, attempts to destroy cultural and ethnic heritage, and denial of human rights. The historians will also record that as a result of the nefarious Hitler-Stalin Pact every one of these tragedies befell the people of the countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

To this date Russia, the successor state of the Soviet Union, has failed to acknowledge the illegal and forceful occupation of the Baltic countries and has not apologized for the horrendous tragedy and destruction in brought on the Baltic people. It is the only treaty of World War II which has not been abrogated and whose shadow is still cast over the Baltic nations.

Statements claiming prerogatives under the Hitler-Stalin Pact to keep the Baltic countries within Russia’s sphere of influence still emanate from Russian government officials and politicians. The Pact still gives Russia a hunting license to interfere in Baltic affairs. The longer Russia is free to make their own rules about interfering in their neighbors’ affairs, the harder it will be to stop them later on. The Hitler – Stalin Pact has to be renounced and nullified by Russia now.

The Baltic American Freedom League asks Russia to acknowledge and take responsibility for the illegal and forceful occupation of the Baltic countries. Repudiating the acts of two of the Twentieth Century’s greatest tyrants will give the Baltic peoples reassurance that Russia has broken with the expansionist ways of its predecessor and show that Russia is prepared to deal with the Baltic nations as sovereign and independent countries.


The membership of the Baltic American Freedom League consists of individual members and organizations. All persons, firms, corporations, congregations or associations may become active voting members in the organization by paying a one-time membership fee of $100 to the organization. There are no annual dues.

Membership is not denied or abridged because of race, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, physical handicap or place of residence.

Lifetime membership fee (dues) is $100. The amount may be changed by a majority vote of members voting at the annual meeting.

For each additional $100 donation to BAFL, members receive one additional vote.

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The Board of Directors, consisting of up to 17 members elected at the annual meeting, conducts the business of the organization at a monthly meeting. Those not present at the annual meeting may vote by proxy. Any voting member may be nominated and elected to an office.

The Board of Directors elects the Executive Committee consisting of the President (or Co-Presidents), Executive Vice President, three Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer.

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