Minister of Foreign Affairs receives a letter from US Secretary of State Colin Powell Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs PRESS RELEASE

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sandra Kalniete has received a letter from the US Secretary of State Colin Powell, which informs of the US government’s position in relation to the American Service Members Protection Act of 2002.

The above Act provides for a limited US military assistance to countries that have not signed a non-surrender agreement with the US on non-extradition of US citizens to the International Criminal Court.

In accordance with this Act, cooperation within bilateral assistance programmes such as Foreign Military Financing, International Military Education and Training, and Excess Defense Articles will be limited.

The Act does not involve US military assistance to NATO member states. However, the accession of Latvia and the other six candidates invited at the NATO Summit in Prague not yet being ratified at the parliaments of all NATO member states, the regulations stipulating a limited US military assistance until acquisition of a full-fledged status of a member country will also apply to these countries.

Limitations to the reception of the US military assistance will not pertain to assistance programmes within NATO (PfP) or programmes commenced before 1 July of this year.

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