Lithuania to Establish Education Center to Deal with Anti-Semitism

In a speech on June 8 to the participants of a conference on combating anti-Semitism and other forms of intolerance organized by Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Antanas Valionis announced that the Lithuania government plans to establish a network of Tolerance Education Centers in the Lithuanian secondary schools.

The centers will be run by teachers with special training in the field of intolerance. The program also includes the preparation of materials for teaching about the holocaust in Lithuania, publishing books on holocaust and intolerance and special exhibits in museums.

“Education is the most effective way of combating intolerance. Acknowledging and remembering history must lead us into further actions of encouraging tolerance and mutual understand,” the Minister said.

Mr. Valionis also informed the participants of the plans to hold in Lithuania a conference on the history and the elimination of intolerance in Lithuania.