Lithuania is more frequently mentioned in media than Latvia and Estonia

The Baltic Course
Danuta Pavilenene
October 10, 2008

Lithuania receives more attention from international media than the other two Baltic states. Moreover, this country is more frequently mentioned in a positive context.

The fact was revealed by the recent research East West Global Index 200, quarterly and annual rankings of 200 countries and territories, based on how they are described in major media. Lithuania captures the 68th place in the rankings by strongly overtaking Latvia (139th place) and Estonia (137th place). This index is the only research based on the way countries are represented in media, writes ELTA.

According to Laurynas Bucalis, head of the Communications Department of the Government of Lithuania, the results of the research show that our has become more interesting for foreign media, and that we also have more news by which we can attract the most influential publications worldwide. “We see that the brave Lithuania”s stand in foreign policy, the start of the purposeful coordination of Lithuania”s image give good results, and a frequently-escalated issue of the way Lithuania is described in foreign media has become less important. We expect even better positions of our country in the future, because the frequent and positive mentioning of Lithuania in international community is one of the key factors in strategic goals of forming Lithuania”s image,” Bucalis stated.

The index tracked five million mentions of countries and territories in 38 leading media sources.