Kalvitis warns about dangerous criminal group that includes former KGB officers, assault troops and officers from special services

RIGA, Sept 27 (LETA) – There is an extremely dangerous criminal group being active in Latvia that includes former KGB officers, former Soviet Army assault troops as well as former and even current members of Latvia’s special services, Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis (People’s Party) declared today.

Kalvitis made the statement after a meeting with Minister of Interior Ivars Godmanis (Latvia’s First Party/Latvia’s Way) and police chiefs to discuss the contradictory accounts of the incident when Saeima and President Security Service’s officer Edgars Gulbis supposedly fell out of a police car and plummeted into the Daugava River.

According to Kalvitis, the criminal group is involved in extortion, fraud and drug crimes.

Kalvitis went on to say that the criminal group possibly collaborates with various politicians.

Kalvitis will propose to discuss the matter at the next meeting of the National Security Council, because, “apparently, no state official in this country can feel safe because it is easy to see that this criminal group has direct contact with several politicians”.

“We know the names, surnames, crimes that have been committed, there is evidence, but no one has been detained as of yet,” Kalvitis said.

Right after the meeting, Kalvitis and Godmanis said they were confident that the police did not lie when they said that Gulbis tried to escape yesterday evening, and, accordingly, that the statements by Gulbis’ girlfriend and his attorney, that he was pushed out of the police car, are false.

As reported, Gulbis, while driving in a police car across Salu Bridge in Riga yesterday evening, allegedly jumped out of the car and dove into the Daugava River. The circumstances of the incident are still unclear. Gulbis was placed in Gailezers Hospital’s intensive care unit yesterday evening.