Grybauskaite: Latvians Do Not Withdraw from Visaginas NPP Project

Latvia, whose new Latvia’s President Andris Berzins said that the country would not have money for new projects in the upcoming years, is not withdrawing from the Visaginas nuclear power plant (NPP) project, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite reassured.

“Latvians are not withdrawing from the project and will take part in it in accordance with their capabilities,” Grybauskaite said Tuesday in her annual news conference, stressing that it is a long-term project and encouraging not to rush to draw conclusions.

Latvian President Berzins confirmed that his country is interested in buying electricity from the Visaginas NPP, yet again he said that Latvia will not be able to allocate funds for any new projects in the upcoming years, writes LETA/ELTA.

Monday, Berzins highlighted that he was not against the Visaginas NPP project.

“It is a matter of Lithuania. It would be silly not to implement the project, having professionals of this particular field. I am certainly not against this project, I wish Lithuania good luck. The problem is about Latvian possibilities of investing (in the Visaginas NPP – ELTA), it would result in increasing public debt or the debt of Latvenergo”, he said.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland have expressed their political intentions to take part in the Visaginas project. The NPP should be built by 2020. By Petras Vaida (7/12/2011)