Google may build massive data center in Lithuania

The Baltic Times

Google Inc. is reportedly close to finalizing a deal on building a massive data center in Lithuania that would service all of Eastern Europe and Russia.

According to reports, talks between the Internet company and the Lithuanian government have been continuing for over half a year and the sides have nearly reached an agreement.

Unconfirmed information suggests that Google Inc. is prepared to build from the ground up an enormous computer facility at the cost of some 250 million euros. While it is not clear where the facility would be located, the government reportedly proposed a location near the hydropower plant in the Kaisiadoriu district, which is in central Lithuania.

One unconfirmed report indicated that the data center would provide up to 120 jobs.

News of the deal was first leaked in the Verslo Zinios daily on Jan. 7 despite a request from Google for full secrecy.

Google executives were expected to arrive in Vilnius during the week of Jan. 7 – 11 to finalize talks.

The deal represents one of the largest greenfield investments in the Lithuanian economy and would represent a major victory for the Baltic state”s prestige.

Google Inc., which is headquartered in California”s Silicon Valley, is the world”s leading Internet search engine. The company has a market value of over $200 billion and is expected to post revenues of $15 billion for 2007.