Courtesy of The Baltic Times     March 9, 2016

Wednesday 8 March, saw around 50 protestors gather outside the Russian Embassy in Vilnius to call for the release of Ukrainian air force pilot Nadiya Savchenko, who is continuing her hunger strike in protest of the court proceedings leveled against her.

Carrying Ukrainian and Lithuanian flags, as well as slogans criticizing Russian president Vladimir Putin, the participants chanted “Free Savchenko!”.

One of the organizers of the action, Conservative MP Mantas Adomenas, said the Savchenko trial was an insult to the law.

“This is a violation of international law and human rights,” Adomenas told journalists. “It is an insult to the concept of law when a troop defending her country is on trial by the country it attacked.”

His party colleague, diplomat Zygimantas Pavilionis, said the situation in Ukraine was similar to the 1991 January developments in Lithuania when the Soviets attempted to restore the Moscow influence by force.

Russia charges Savchenko, 34, for correcting the Kiev artillery fire during clashes with pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine in June 2014.

Two Russian journalists were killed in the shooting.

Savchenko who is held custody in the Russian occupied, Ukrainian southern city of Donetsk pleads not guilty.

Lithuania and four other European nations intend to turn to Brussels, asking for sanctions for persons directly related with the court proceedings.