EU confirms that Estonian vodka comes from Estonia

The Baltic Times
In cooperation with BNS
March 11, 2008

TALLINN – The European Union (EU) has approved a new liquor regulation according to which vodka produced in Estonia is protected in the EU by its geographic designation, Estonian vodka. The EU will apply the regulation as of May 20. AllEstonian vodka makers can apply for the designation from the Agriculture Ministry.

In addition to Estonia also the other traditional vodka making countries — Finland, Sweden, Slovakia, Latvia,Lithuania and Poland — will get their geographical vodka designations, the ministry said.

The EU has debated over the definition of vodka for years. Several countries, including Estonia, applied for restricting the raw material of vodka to grain and potatoes but the EU favored a more liberal version.

The regulation to be applied from May does not restrict the use of raw material, but if the spirits used for the production of vodka is other than grain or potatoes, the raw material must be clearly indicated on the label.