Call to Baltic Communities

Courtesy Estonian World Review (March 1, 2012)

Members of the European Parliament together with the Unitas Foundation and NGO TuliPisar invite you and other Baltic communities across the world to hold commemoration events on March 25th, the launch day of the 1949 March deportations.

Soviet mass deportations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are among the most disheartening events in the history of the Baltic States. During Stalin’s rule, more than 150 000 people were forcefully taken to Siberia, thousands not even surviving the road there. Since 2010, commemoration events have been held in Estonia and by Estonian communities in more than 10 countries. On March 25th 2012, thousands of candles will again be lit in memory of the deportees. Among others, the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Members of the European Parliament are hosting a commemoration event in Brussels.

Baltic communities across the world are invited to join the initiative and hold remembrance events around March 25th, regardless of format. The Unitas Foundation serves the role of initiating and supporting international commemoration events to raise awareness on crimes against humanity committed by communist regimes. The foundation would highly appreciate a notification from fellow organizers of such events at Additionally, please visit… for a free information kit on Soviet deportations from the Baltic States as well as information on how to contribute to the cause in other ways.

Please join us in keeping alive the memory of people who endured inequitable suffering and perished to no avail.