February 20, 2013

Dear Friend,

We need your help to increase membership of the U.S. House of Representatives Baltic Caucus. During the Soviet occupation , the Ad Hoc Committee on the Baltic States had more than 100 members; during our successful fight for Baltic membership in NATO, we had more than 80 members; today we have only 44 members.

True, the Baltic nations are free and independent, and are valued members of NATO and the EU, but dark clouds remain over Russia threatening the Baltic nations. Since Putin’s return to the presidency, he has unleashed an across-the-board a political crackdown on freedom and civil liberties of the Russian people. Tightening the noose around Russian democracy, his demonization and antagonistic threats against the Baltic nations increases.

It is imperative for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, based on their painful historical experience with Russia, to have the support and assistance of the United States. To achieve this, we must count on committed individuals in the administration and the congress. The House Baltic Caucus provides us with a core of friends who are committed to maintaining a strong relationship with the Baltic nations to assist them in strengthening democracy and preserving their sovereignty.

It is no secret that too many congresspersons know very little about the Baltic countries and their relationship with Russia. Membership in the Baltic Caucus offers them an opportunity to learn about the real accomplishments of the Baltic counties, their commitment to democracy and their loyalty as friends to the United States.

It is a special person who takes the time and effort to stand up for the country of his or her heritage. I hope that YOU are one of them. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND URGE HIM OR HER TO JOIN THE BALTIC CAUCUS. Baltic Caucus members are first responder to whom BAFL turns when we need help from Congress. For a list of Baltic Caucus members to to Caucus Members Page.

Heightened security measures have dramatically increased the time it takes time for a letter mailed by post to reach a congressional office. The best way to communicate with congress is by telephone, fax or e-mail. As a general rule, Members of Congress are far more likely to heed your message if are one of their constituents. Therefore, always start your communication declaring that you are their constituent and give your address to prove it.

Telephone calls are usually taken by receptionists. Ask to speak with the aide who handles the issue about which you are calling. After identifying to the appropriate aide that you are a constituent tell him or her that you want the congressperson to join the Baltic Caucus. The staff persons that your congressperson should call to join the Caucus are Virginia Muller of Representative John Shimkus’ staff (Republican) at (202) 225-5271 or Timothy Bergreen on Representative Schiff’s staff (Democrat) at (202) 225-4176.

Thank you. You can make a difference!


Valdis V. Pavlovskis