Call for EU involvement

Asked about plans to build a pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic sea (not through Poland and Belarus) the president said the entire project was raising ecological doubts. “The Baltic Sea Council and the EU must find out if it is possible to build such a pipeline in this shallow sea,” he said.

The president stressed that it was not good that the EU was not “politically included” in the project. “We expect that all big projects concerning gas and crude oil transport will be discussed by the entire EU as the EU was to receive these supplies,” the president said.

The Polish president said that during a Thursday [30 June] meeting of the Poland-Ukraine economic forum he would present a plan to transport crude oil and gas from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan through Ukraine and Poland.

“This is a significant project. Ukraine is involved in the project due to its own interests and its own power safety. I think that this should be our offer in view to proposals made by Germans and Russians,” the president said.

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