Biggest military exercises to take place in Telsiai district in Lithuania

The Baltic Course

On the next weekend, on September 14, the international peacekeeping training session Baltic Spirit 2008 will start at the training ground of Poligone in Telsiai district, reports ELTA.

It will be the biggest international military training session in Lithuania this year. The trainings will be attended by about 800 soldiers from Denmark, Estonia, the United States, Latvia and Lithuania.

The training session aims at improving the interoperability of international forces in peacekeeping operations. The soldiers from five countries will act according to the plans of the international operation scenarios and will perform similar tasks to the ones carried out in international missions. They will have to react rapidly to various situations and adopt decisions.

The flag of this training session in Lithuania will be raised for the third time. In 2004, the training exercises were held in Ignalina, and in 2006 – they took place in Klaipeda.

The training session is organized by the Lithuanian and Danish volunteer forces.