Baltic States Agree to Build Nucler Power Plant in Lithuania

Ria Novosti Press
February 27, 2006

RIGA, February 27 (RIA Novosti, Yuri Guralnik) – The three former Soviet Baltic republics have agreed on the joint construction of a nuclear power plant, the office of the Lithuanian prime minister said in a statement Monday.

The prime ministers of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia agreed at their meeting Monday to build a nuclear power plant in Lithuania before 2015, the statement said.

The premiers concluded that the NPP construction would be the easiest way to resolve an energy crisis expected in 2009, when the Chernobyl-style Ignalina nuclear power plant in Lithuania will be closed due to the European Union’s nuclear safety requirements.

Three energy companies – Latvenergo, Eesti Energa and Lietuvos energia AB – will work on the NPP project. They will have to draft an investment plan and select a contractor for the project, which will cost an estimated $3-4 billion.

Lithuania had previously expressed its interest in continuing its nuclear program beyond the closure of the Soviet-era Ignalina nuclear power plant.