Baltic region needs energy links – Adamkus, Rice criticizes Adamkus’ speech on Cold War


Baltic region needs energy links – Adamkus

Vilnius/Davos, Jan 24 (ELTA) – Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus is participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland). President Adamkus attended the discussion The Energy Industry – a Sunset Industry and made a contribution at the session on energy security. Speaking about the prospects of energy industry, the Lithuanian head of state underlined the importance of resurging, secure and modern nuclear energy

“The advantage of this type of energy is a possibility to reduce environmental pollution and increase energy diversity,” said the Lithuanian President.

According to the president, the process of increasing energy efficiency in Europe is very much related to appropriate tax environment and energy sector regulatory rules. The head of state believes that the EU must cooperate with its neighboring countries and regions in order to use energy resources more actively.

At the discussion on energy security, the Lithuanian President highlighted the importance of achieving agreement on fundamental principals of energy policy.

According to the President, these principles include energy supply diversity, open competition, priority to market conditions rather than politics.

The Lithuanian President said that we needed to develop infrastructure which would help us put these principles into practice.

The head of state also drew attention to energy problems in the Baltic region.

President Adamkus underlined that the region needed energy connections facilitating the use of those resources which would increase both energy diversity and energy security.

The president noted that by developing mutually beneficial cooperation in the energy field, the EU and Russia could create conditions for reducing business risks and enhancing investment in major energy objects.

Rice criticizes Adamkus’ speech on Cold War

Davos, Jan 24 (ELTA) – US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday indirectly criticized Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus’ worlds that “Russia’s economic resurgence could be driving the Kremlin to embark on a new “cold war”. The Lithuanian president said this in his interview to British financial magazine The Financial Times.

“The question comes up whether a very strong financial recovery in Russia is a stimulus for the new Russian leadership to return to the cold war,” said Lithuanian President in an interview with the Financial Times.

“It’s a big question mark. I don’t believe that at the present time any of us, big or small – the European Union, the US or other big powers – definitely has the answer. But I believe the same big question is in every-body’s mind in the western world.”

Ms Rice dismissed talk of a new Cold War with Russia as “nonsense”, but added: “We are determined to remember this, even when we hear unwise and irresponsible rhetoric from Russia that harkens back to an earlier time.” She highlighted concerns about Moscow’s growing influence over rising energy prices, saying: “We also think Russia should contribute to a transparent and open global energy economy, not a monopolistic one.”