Baltic leaders congratulate U.S. President Obama on his reelection

Alla Petrova, Riga, 07/11/2012

On Wednesday, Latvian President Andris Berzins sent a letter to United States President Barack Obama, congratulating him on his reelection.

“I am confident that your reelection will allow you to move forward with new and ambitious goals for the United States, as well as internationally. Latvia is interested in active trans-Atlantic partner relations, especially when speaking about sustainable economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic. I am confident that you will continue to promote democracy and freedom around the world, as the United States is known as huge defender of these principles,” Berzins writes.

In the letter, the Latvian president confirmed that Latvia will continue its excellent partner relations with the United States, and will also participate in international missions with the aim of achieving a more peaceful world, LETA was informed by the Presidential Press Service.

“We are ready to continue strengthening the partnership between our countries, so to improve our welfare and development. I would also like to wish you all the best in your work as U.S. president,” Berzins added in his letter to Obama.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius admitted that as Conservative he supported Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the US presidential election but he does not think that re-election of Barack Obama would bring any negative outcomes to Lithuania.

“We must clearly state that Obama’s administration has done a lot in 4 years for our region to gain more dimensions in terms of geopolitical security. I am referring to NATO defence plans, as well as the participation of the US armed forces in various military missions,” he said Tuesday morning.

“Barack Obama indeed deserves a thank-you and congratulations on successful election,” the PM said.

“I, being a Conservative, of course have always supported the Republicans at heart. But in this case we definitely do not have any complaints about incumbent president,” Kubilius said.

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that Estonia will continue developing the good comprehensive co-operation that has taken place will newly re-elected President of the United States Barack Obama and his team, the Estonian Foreign Ministry reports.

“We congratulate the winners of the elections. Co-operative relations between Estonia and the United States will remain strong and our co-operation, which has been active and very positive, will continue during President Obama’s second term. During his current term, Estonia-USA relations have developed and expanded significantly,” said Paet.

The foreign minister stated that Estonia and the USA share the same democratic values and communicate frequently on bilateral and multilateral issues that are important to both Estonia and the USA. We both value democratic principles, rule of law, and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms.

“We will continue working with the USA to support countries that are on the reform path. Just like the USA once supported us, now we work together to support others that need our help,” Paet noted.

We will also continue working with the USA as spokespersons for internet freedom.

Similar values are also held by the European Union and United States.

“Therefore we feel it is essential to continue developing the relations between the European Union and United States of America; there should also be close foreign policy co-operation in addressing many important issues,” added the foreign minister.

It is essential to continue strengthening trans-Atlantic co-operation within the framework of NATO and making a joined effort to prevent security threats and resolve security problems.

The AFP news agency reported that current United States President Barack Obama was elected to another four-year term in office on Tuesday.

As of early this morning, Obama won 303 electoral votes, compared to 203 for Republican challenger Mitt Romney, with only key battleground of Florida outstanding. Two hundred seventy are needed to with the White House.

Meanwhile, Romney conceded defeat in the presidential elections early Wednesday, telling supporters that he had called President Barack Obama to congratulate him on his victory.