Baltic Force Commanders discuss joint projects

Ministry of Defense
Republic of Lithuania
April 12 2007

Today, April 12, Commander of Lithuanian Army General Major Valdas Tutkus left for the meeting of the three Baltic States force commanders in Tartu (Estonia) to discuss joint trilateral projects. Namely, the Baltic Defence College, the Baltic mine hunter project BALTRON, and the Baltic Air Police mission.

Army commanders General Major Ants Laaneots (Estonia), Brigadier General Juris Maklakovs (Latvia) and General Major V.Tutkus (Lithuania) will also address the issue of NATO Reaction Force generation for 2010 during the meeting.

Gen. Maj. V.Tutkus introduced the joint Baltic battalion project BALTBAT to his counterparts in the Nordic Army Commanders meeting that took place in January of this year. The project would be a chance for the Baltic States to take part in the 14th rotation of NATO Reaction Force during the first half-year of 2010. Further schedule of forming the project are to be discussed in Tartu. Outlining plans of countries contributing specific capabilities are in progress.